Nude by Nature BB 5-in-1 Miracle Cream

Good evening all!

For my first review i chose the newly released Nude by nature BB Cream. I was super excited to see this finally arrive at work after a month on backorder.

I only came upon the BB craze about a year ago with my first purchase of the brightly pink packaged Skin 79 triple function BB cream. Since then i have liked the idea of a functional 'foundation like' cream but never really liked the idea of ordering them from overseas, having to wait for delivery and then finding out i don't like the shade.

Nude by nature on the other hand has been a staple in my makeup routine since it came out and is easily accessible (on the north side of brisbane at least), so thats why i was extra excited to see the release of their very own BB cream.

Nude by nature's BB claims to be a '5-in-1' miracle cream that 1.Hydrates, 2.Radiates, 3.Corrects, 4.Perfects and 5. Protects, all while being completely free of toxic chemicals, paraben preservatives and drying sulphates. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

So onto the review...

Price and Packaging:
I managed to snap up this baby for the low price of $14.95 (oh i love staff discount) whereas it's usual RRP is $19.95. It comes neatly packaged in an appealing 50ml tube which i always love over pump bottles and little pouring bottles as i could never scrape out the last remnants of the product, but with tubes it's easy to squeeze and crush to my hearts content until i get all my moneys worth.

Coverage and Shades:
Before buying this BB cream it is important to know that it's very lightweight and sheer (like most BB creams and tinted moisturisers), so if your on the market for something to cover up blemishes and excess redness this product is probably not what your looking for.

In saying that, i do have alot of redness on my nose that this BB doesn't cover up so i just put a little of my usual foundation on the parts i feel i need a little extra coverage, blend, set and Tada! Beautiful Finish!
I bought the shade Light, as i'm usually the lightest shade in all foundations, and it matches me pretty well. It also comes in medium and dark.

I wore this exact combo to work yesterday and got some very lovely complements on  how beautiful and glowy my skin looked, i always thought i had nice skin with makeup on (not to be modest or anything :p) but its amazing when other people think i have nice skin and feel that it looks nice enough to actually compliment me on it :D

Lasting Power:
I found that with a setting powder it lasted for a good 7 or so hours before showing some signs of oiliness and sliding. I have quite dry skin with small patches of oiliness of my forehead and sides of my nose and my skin loves the extra hydration this BB cream offers, in saying that... i could imagine that someone with oily skin may have issues with sliding earlier than the 7 hour mark.

Final Say:
All in all im really impressed with this product. I love the sheer, glowy coverage it gives to my face as well as the potential added benefits of using a 5-in-1 BB cream. I think it's really well priced for the amount of product received, especially when i think about the fact that i just bought a 30ml smashbox foundation for 3 times the price :s. I couldn't find this BB cream for sale on the nude by nature website ( just yet but could imagine as they ship to more stores they will make it available on their website.
I will happily continue to use this BB cream :)

Hope you all have a great night.

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  1. Thanks for this review! I've been using the Garnier BB cream and liked it but just found this at my local chemist and decided to try it instead. Just wondering, do you know what the SPF is?


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