Here's to making a start...

So i've been thinking over the last 5 months or so about starting this blog, it's taken me that long to get off my lazy be-hind and make a start. It's pretty much going to be about myself and my love of all things makeup, fashion, beauty and life!

So who am i?

Name: Monique
Age: 24 (turning 25 in june)
Occupation: Full time nursing student/part time pharmacy assistant
Hometown: Brisbane, QLD, Australia

I generally spend way too much time reading blogs and watching youtube videos about makeup and skincare reviews. In no way do i consider myself a makeup guru or anyone with a huge knowledge of makeup. I just love to shop and spend money on nice things...stuff i don't need and thought i would finally get my opinion out there about those things.

Next up will be my review on the new Nude by nature BB cream, so i hope someones looking forward to that :)

      Talk soon.


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