Nail of the day - DIY Caviar Nails

Hi again,

So i first came across Caviar nails when reading MissTango2's Blog ->Here<-...
Although i only just painted my nails 2 days ago i fell in love with this nail art instantly i just had to have them. I rushed down to my closest Spotlight store in search of Microbeads, which they ended up only having 5 colours (Gold, Silver, red, blue and black... Disappointing :(   ). I decided on the brightest colour of them all, blue, and then decided to pick up silver (just because i like silver).

The microbead packets where pretty ridiculously priced at $7.99 each, considering i was watching youtube videos where people in america bought packs of 6 colours for $7.00 :O craziness!

What you need:
- (Optional) Base coat
- Nail Polish (i used revlon in 791 Midnight affair
- Microbeads (Any colour you want, i used blue)
- Container to pore microbeads into
- (Optional) Topcoat

What to do:
1- Apply Base coat to all nails and let dry
2- Apply a thick layer of your selected nail polish to only one nail, depending on what nail polish you chose you may want to apply one or two coats. I chose a really opaque dark blue so i only required 1 coat.
3- Straight after applying nail polish sprinkle the microbeads onto your nails, letting the container catch any excess that fall. I just kept poring till i thought my entire nail was covered. Its really easy to just pore the excess beads back into the shaker bottle before starting your next nail.
4- Once your happy with the coverage, gently push the beads away from the edges of your nails so that it looks neat. Then gently press on the top of your nail to slightly flatten the microbeads (this way they aren't all gross and bumpy... it also allows them to adhere to the nail polish better).
5- Continue on carefully to the next nail and repeat steps 2 to 4, make sure not to bump the last nail done. (If you find it easier to watch someone do it first there are plenty of videos on youtube, just search 'Caviar Nails')
6- I left my nails let for a good 15 mins before applying topcoat.

NOTE: I didn't realise this before... but the topcoat actually changed the colour and appearance of the microbeads. Seemed like it dragged some of the colour off maybe?
Also beware that the tips of the nails with microbeads on takes ridiculously long to dry with the after applying topcoat. I had to pretty much sit still and not do anything for an hour till my nails where completely dry.

(This was after applying topcoat)

(This was before applying topcoat)

Such a flook but i actually don't mind my nails with the topcoat. I like the the nice purple colour they became after but i also like the nice royal blue they were beforehand. At lease with the topcoat they might last longer *Fingers Crossed*

All in all it's time consuming and not very practical, i've already had my nails snag on my hair and had a few beads pop off but i don't really mind because you can't tell when looking at my nails. I'm still interested in trying different colours so anyone knows where i can get nicer microbeads in australia and for cheaper comment below and let me know, i would love to get a few bright colours together and maybe try a rainbow caviar nail :D

Have a nice rest of your day!


  1. I love this look too! The only problem for me is I'm SO bad with texture on my nails, they have to be perfectly smooth! And if they're not I pick at them so much. I can barely cope with big glitter!

  2. i know what you mean, a big bit fell off the corner of my thumb so i ended up picking all the little beads off lol

  3. Hi Monique, great post and thanks for the mention :o) They are expensive hey.. I'm going to look on eBay for some cheaper options :o) Hope you're having a great weekend <3

  4. Nice colours, I also did my own version of caviar nails. You can check it out here:


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