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About a month ago i treated myself to some decent makeup brushes from Bdellium tools. After visiting there website i decided upon the Yellow Bambu  Foundation 5pc Brush set and a few other random brushes from their travel line.

What is the Yellow Bambu Line?
The Yellow Bambu line is a new range of brushes Bdellium is offering (the same as the green bambu but in yellow form). It consists of 'sustainable eco-friendly Bamboo handels' and 'all vegan, soft synthetic bristles with an anodised aluminium ferrule'. Most Bdellium tool bristles are treated with antibacterial agents that help prevent bacteria buildup but it is important to note that both the Green Bambu and the Yellow Bambu lines are not treated. All if these brushes are crazzzzyy soft and they feel amazing on my face.

What brushes did i get?
Yellow Bambu Foundation 5pc Brush set includes...
- 957Y Precision Kabuki
- 955Y Finishing
- 953Y Duet Fibre Foundation
- 948Y Foundation

Travel Brushes...
- 776T Blending
- 708T Bent Eyeliner
- 731T Mascara Fan Brush
- 934T Precision Concealer

957Y Precision Kabuki

I use this brush with my liquid foundations and find it gives me a nice, even and flawless application. I prefer this brush compared to the Duet Fibre foundation or the regular foundation as i find it easier to work with because of its short, dense bristles.

(^ Bare skin before using Precision Kabuki and Foundation) 

(^ After using Precision Kabuki and Foundation)

953Y Duet Fibre Foundation

This is basically a mini, denser version of the Finishing brush (So Cute!). I prefer to use this for blending out my concealer and adding extra coverage to small areas of my face if needed after foundation application, this seems a little too small for all over foundation application.

955Y Finishing

I use this particular brush for applying my blush (works really well!). I find that it gives me nice, light coverage which allows me to build up as much or as little blush as i want. It also works well with foundation but i prefer my Precision Kabuki instead.

(^ Duet Fibre Foundation Brush gives nice, even and buildable coverage when used with blush)

948Y Foundation

Unfortunately i haven't tried this brush yet :( i have never been a fan of the standard foundation brush... i find no matter which one i use i always end up with streaky foundation and then find myself using my hands. Maybe i'm using them wrong?

776T Blending

This blending brush is exactly what i was looking for! i have other blending brushes but none in this shape or fluffiness. These bristles are made of natural fibres so not as soft as the synthetic but still pretty soft. There isn't roughness of any kind when using this. Really nice brush!

708T Bent Eyeliner 

I thought it would be nice to give this brush a try because i had heard how easy gel eyeliner was to apply with bent eyeliner brushes. I'm used to the angled brushes which don't offer much precision when it comes to fine lines and getting a nice pointy end on the winged eyeliner look. When i fist used this i found it really hard to control, i think partially due to the fact that the bristles are quite alot longer than i expected and partially because i had never used it before. I think like anything 'Practice makes perfect'.

(^ Used Bent Liner with Bobby Brown Longlasting Cream)

731T Mascara Fan Brush

I was really disappointed after buying this because i found out this was ment to be used with cake mascara opposed to the normal wand mascara :( i still tried it with my wand mascara and couldn't really get it to apply properly. Although the process of applying the mascara to lashes with this brush is really tedious i found that it gave a really light, clump free application that would be alright for everyday wear (if you were willing to spend that much time of your lashes).

 (^ Before using mascara fan brush)
(^ After using Mascara Fan Brush... Slightly more defined)

936T Concealer

This is a really soft synthetic fibre brush with a rounded somewhat pointy tip that i find this really good for applying concealer into the very inner corners of my eyes and sometimes good for dotting concealer onto my blemishes. Overall a nice brush that works well and doesn't leave streaky marks.

I bought all of these brushes from the Bdellium Tools website -> Here <- which is based in America or you can look at their blog -> Here <- to find out others stores. The brushes were pretty decently priced ($75.00 for all 8 brushes) considering they are such good quality although the shipping was pretty ridiculous! It cost me $53.95 to ship 8 brushes to australia, which was almost what i paid for the brushes :o Strange thing was that i received my order is two parcels, the individual brushes came through regular mail and the set came through registered post. I wouldn't have thought that it would cost $54 to ship such small items :s

Anyway, i'm completely happy with the brushes.
If anyone knows where i can get them in australia please comment below... i would be interested in buying some more but just don't want to pay all that postage again :)
If you want to see my FOTD created by using only these brushes, click -> Here (Coming soon) <-

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  1. Hi there :) What mascara did you use with the brush? I really like the look and maybe use a heavier mascara to make it work better for the look you want? x


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