DIY Bracelets

Good Evening guys :)

I was feeling pretty crafty this morning so i thought i would attempt two diy bracelets. I found a bunch of diy bracelets off another blog at, picked two and gave it a go.

The first bracelet i attempted was the Braided Bead Bracelet which involved approx 1.5m of waxed linen cord (which i couldn't find at spotlight so i opted for cotton cord), seed beads, a two hole button and scissors.

(I only ended up using the gold seed beads because i realised the green wouldn't really match the brown cord)

This is the result! Full instructions are at .
All up it only took me about 20 mins to make this one. Next time i might buy some proper waxed linen cord in a nicer colour off the internet.

The second bracelet i made was a Macrame Bracelet which involved about 3.5m of chinese knotting cord (which once again i couldn't find at sportlight so i opted for the same cotton cord as the last bracelet), a charm or pendant, needle big enough to fit cord through and scissors.

The full instructions can be found at I was really proud of my efforts with this one. Took me a little while to get the hang of the plaiting but all in all it only for me 40mins to complete. Once again, next time i will be a little more prepared and buy the actual chinese knotting cord off the internet in nicer colours and look into getting a nicer charm/pendent.

Anyone else know any good diy bracelets?

Have a nice night :)


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